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Custom Concrete Sinks

Custom design concrete sinks are bespoke sinks meticulously crafted to meet individual preferences and specifications. They offer a unique combination of handcrafted excellence and enduring durability, allowing customers to personalize shapes, sizes, finishes, and installation options.

Whether it’s a wall-mounted space-saving sink, a round basin, a vessel sink, or any custom design, these sinks showcase the seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality, making them an exquisite addition to contemporary interiors.

Durable and Modern Custom Concrete Sink

Our concrete sinks are built to withstand the test of time. The inherent durability of concrete guarantees a long-lasting investment that remains as striking as the day it was installed. Embrace a contemporary and sleek design that seamlessly complements modern interiors, adding a touch of refined elegance to your home.

Versatile Wall Mounted Sinks

Our wall mounted concrete sink provides a space-saving solution for contemporary settings. Enjoy the convenience of this product as it maximizes your countertop space while creating a visually appealing centerpiece.

Whether it’s a minimalist rectangular shape or a gracefully curved design, our custom wall-mounted sinks are as functional as they are eye-catching.

Bathroom Sinks

Transform your bathroom with concrete bathroom sinks. Choose from an array of shapes, sizes, and finishes to tailor your sink precisely to your vision. The seamless surface simplifies maintenance, while the durable material ensures a sink that stays pristine for years to come. Experience the fusion of beauty and functionality in your private oasis.

Kitchen Sinks

These concrete kitchen sinks offer ample space and durability to handle the demands of a busy kitchen. Create a bespoke countertop with a seamlessly integrated sink, allowing you to effortlessly prepare meals and wash dishes in a stunning, unified setting.

Round Sinks

Discover the allure of round custom sinks that exude modern sophistication. Embrace smooth curves and a seamless design that enhances the flow of your bathroom or kitchen space. Our round concrete sinks are not only visually captivating but also easy to clean and maintain, making them the perfect blend of form, function and style.

Vessel Sinks

For a captivating and inspired statement, consider our vessel sinks. These freestanding basins offer a touch of sculptural beauty and design flexibility. Choose from various shapes and sizes to curate a custom vessel sink that perfectly complements your interior vision.

Experience the beauty and functionality of the custom concrete sink, designed to inspire and transform your living spaces. With artisanal craftsmanship, durable materials, strength and endless customization possibilities, these sinks redefine modern art and design while effortlessly integrating into your home.

Whether it’s a wall-mounted basin, a bathroom centerpiece, a kitchen marvel, or an eye-catching vessel sink, our collection embraces the essence of present-day elegance, providing a seamless and easy addition to your personalized space.


Do concrete sinks last?

Yes, concrete sinks are known for their exceptional durability and longevity. When properly sealed and maintained, they can last for many years, even decades, making them a long-lasting and reliable choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

Can you make a kitchen sink out of concrete?

Yes, with proper construction and sealing, they offer excellent durability and functionality. Concrete sinks can be customized to fit various kitchen styles, providing a unique and modern look. They are a sturdy and stylish addition to any kitchen.