Cookies policy

As a part of our activities, we use cookies. We use cookies in order to render our website correctly, and observe and analyse traffic on our website. The use of cookies is regulated by the ePrivacy Directive in conjunction with the GDPR.

Detailed information on the rules of storing and access to information on your devices with the use of cookies can be found below. By “devices” we understand electronic devices through which you use our website.

If you consent to the use of non-essential cookies, this will allow us to analyze the use of our website. Furthermore, we may carry out various marketing activities based on your interactions with the website, other marketing channels and other third parties, such as social networks.

1. What are cookies and why they are needed

A cookie consists of a key and a value and is managed by the user’s browser, often stored in a database. Cookies help recognize users for sessions, to provide shop functionality for example. They can also enhance security of a website. Cookies may also be used to mere analytical functions.

Some cookies are thus essential for a website, while others are non-essential (functional, statistical, marketing). Essential cookies do not need prior consent by the data subject, while non-essential cookies can only be used by prior consent by the data subject, according to the GDPR and the ePrivacy Directive. 

The website may be displayed correctly without essential cookies or individual areas may not function properly. Essential cookies enable the core functionalities of our website and its security. Essential cookies can only be prevented by appropriate settings in your browser. Session cookies are used only for your session. They are stored on your device until the storage the browser session ends. After the end of the session, they are permanently removed from the memory of your device. 

The non-essential cookies that we use are used for analytical and functional reasons and are stored on your device for the mentioned storage period. They remain on your device until the storage period is reached. These cookies are not removed from your device after the end of a browser session or after switching off the device. You can manually delete these cookies via the data privacy settings in your browser.

Cookies can also be distinguished by the fact whether they are controlled by the controller of the website (so-called first-party cookies) or a third party (so-called third-party cookies). First-party cookies are managed by the website that is currently being accessed and can only be read by this website. Third-party cookies, on the other hand, are managed by third parties. A third party is a provider of a tool. When such a third-party tool is loaded, the browser adds all cookies it has stored in the same domain as the tool to the retrieval. A third-party cookie can only be generated on the server of which a file is retrieved.

2. What we use the cookies for

By default, we only use essential cookies. We specifically use cookies to:

  • adjust the content of our website to the preferences of users,
  • ensure maximum functionality of our website and, consequently, optimize its use,
  • remember the history of pages visited on our website, so that we can recommend relevant content,
  • remember the settings you have chosen and personalize your interface (e.g. selected language or region),
  • recognize basic parameters of your device to properly display our website,
  • verify sources of users’ redirections to our website,
  • provide you information relevant to your location,
  • create statistics (anonymous) to improve our website,
  • ensure the safety and reliability of our website,
  • accomplish marketing goals.

3. Cookies that we use on our website

You will find the cookies we currently use on our website on the ‘set cookies’ section available on the footer. 

4. Safety of your devices

The cookies we use are safe for your devices. It is impossible to get viruses or other unwanted or malicious software onto your devices through the cookies.

5. Settings/deleting cookies in your browser

You can choose such settings in your browser so that it informs you when a cookie is sent or that it blocks cookies.

You find detailed information on how to disable cookies in the software settings (for your web browser). You can introduce changes to cookies at any time. You can also delete cookies from your device at any time.

Below you will find links that indicate how to disable cookies in the most popular internet browsers:

Restricting the use of cookies may, however, affect the functionalities available on our website.

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