Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept individual and customized orders?

Yes, we do custom sizes and colors, we can also make most of our products in terrazzo style. To find out more, you can write to us on Email: or call us on the phone: +359 888 299732

Is there any risk of breakage during shipping?

Have we tried to minimize the risk of damage to the product we make. For the purpose of careful delivery, we pack the products carefully with bubble wrap to prevent damage. If the product size is larger than standard, we make a special wooden box to ensure safe transportation.


What are the care and cleaning instructions?

Our concrete is impregnated with food safe impregnants. They do not allow dirt and stains to remain on the surface. Cleaning with soap and warm water is quite sufficient. Please do not use abrasive cleaning products.

Why use impregnation instead of polyurethane sealants?

Because it is nonsense to put soft, scratchable sealer on top of hard and scratchresistant concrete. The reason most concrete makers use polyurethane is just because they can’t make dense enough concrete for impregnation to work. Well we can.


Can i order custom sink?

Yes you can! We at Concretta EU have big experience in making strictly specific sinks for customers all over the world. No matter the shape or size, we will be happy to make your home a more beautiful and cozy place. For individual orders, you can write to us by email: or you can call us on the phone number: +359 888 299 732

Are there discounts for larger quantities?

Yes, when it comes to larger quantities, we can reduce your cost per unit as the molds used to cast them can be reused, reducing your cost per unit.