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Concrete is the New Black: Three Tips to Choose Best Concrete Sink

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The perfect marriage of raw organic nature and sleek lines easily make any concrete sink the focal point of a carefully designed kitchen or bathroom. A countertop concrete bowl will elevate the guest bathroom or a tiny powder room. An cement apron sink will draw the eyes in a high-end kitchen. A cement and oak vanity is the ultimate finishing touch of a luxurious master bathroom. 

Home owners far and wide are bewitched by the transformation of the cold and impersonal construction material into an elegant, polished sculptural element. Previously confined to brutalist interiors, concrete has become the statement maker in a contemporary home. 

  But what to look for when buying a concrete sink? 

1. Aesthetics 

By far cement is the most versatile material on the market. It can be moulded in any style and shape and pigmented in a wide array of colors to fit into your color scheme. A concrete sink will underline the utalitarian aspect of industrial style bathroom or add a sophisticated touch to the modern farmhouse kitchen.  When it comes to the right tone and texture – the options are limitless. From finely polished through matte to rough, the finish is yours to decide. The color is no longer dull gray – a variety of high end pigments will guarantee a seamless blend into your color scheme.  When shopping for concrete sinks, consider the overall room aesthetics. The size and finish cabinets and countertops in your kitchen. The tiling and the spacing in the bathroom. With a wide variety of sizes, shapes and mounting options, think what would work best. 

2. Practicality

Do not be fooled by the sleek looks. The concrete sinks can be adapted to suit your lifestyle. A busy family bathroom will benefit from the seamless, clean look of the undermount sink. A small bathroom will look bigger with wall mounted sink. A vessel or washplate sink are perfect for a tiny powder room.  And what is best, these are not off the shelf sinks but rather bespoke pieces that most artisans would happily adapt their products to your custom needs. In truth, unlike the readily available ceramics, concrete sinks come in whatever length, width, and depth you want.

3. Durability 

High-end concrete sinks are made to last a lifetime. Modern technologies incorporate polymers and glass fibers to make even the thinnest and lightest cement durable and strong. Each artisan has their own unique blend and those recipes are their best kept secret.  To top it all, cement sinks are usually coated to guarantee that they are scratch, stain and dust resistant. Look for sinks that are impregnated rather than sealed. A thin layer of film will not last very long with heavy use and will undoubtedly look like plastic. Top of the line professionals will use impregnation – a penetrating agent that seals the pores while maintaining a more natural look. Cement sinks are easy to clean with mild soap and water only. No scrubbing required. 

Here, at Concretta, we have put our collective construction experience and creative vibes into mixing concrete with design. Our high-end concrete sinks fit the most sophisticated interiors.  We take pride in the European quality and unique artisan craftsmanship that goes into each product.  Our high-end products are made with our in-house  GFRC concrete blend. To ensure longevity even with heavy use we mix polymers, glass fiber and volcanic ash to make the thinnest and lightest cement durable and strong.  The final touch, the top grade industrial impregnation, leaves your sink easy to clean, stain and scratch resistant and is completely food safe.  Explore the full range of products

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